Top 4 Window and Door Trends for 2022

This year, we’re excited to see windows and doors that add style, brighten homes and put sustainability at the forefront of intelligent design. Consider these four noteworthy trends if you plan to upgrade your windows and doors in 2022. 

1. Dark Color Palettes

Dark windows and doors are here to stay, aligning with 2022 exterior color trends. While black will continue to be a popular color choice, dark gray and brown shades also add the emphasis and depth needed to achieve this look. Dark and moody windows, entrance doors, and patio doors pair well with natural wood accents, another 2022 exterior design trend

2. Energy-efficient Products 

Energy-efficient windows and doors continue to grow in popularity as homeowners seek to reduce heating and cooling bills. Choose ENERGY STAR certified products for excellent energy efficiency. Look for windows that have insulated glass, are dual- or triple-glazed, and have a multiple-layer low-emissivity (low-e) coating

3. More Natural Light & Outdoor Views

This year, households prefer larger windows and patio doors to get closer to nature. Large windows provide ample natural light and expansive outdoor views that brighten homes. If you want to replace your front door, consider a style with sidelights or extra glass detail to let in more natural light. 

4. Sustainable Materials 

In 2022, the level of sustainability will be a deciding factor when choosing building materials, from production and installation to disposal. Vinyl will be a popular choice due to its eco-friendly reputation, recyclability, and long lifespan. Notably, the materials used to make every Preservation window sash and master frame are 100% recyclable. 

Use our Preservation Visualizer tool to see what your home would look like with trending window styles, color palettes, and sustainable siding combinations.