Top 4 Home Exterior Color Trends for 2022 

Major paint brands predict earthy color palettes will be trending in 2022, with shades of green dominating the field. Our Alside color experts have weighed in to give us the lowdown on color trends that will inspire you to kick start the new year with a refreshed exterior.

1. Natural Hues 

Natural hues of gray, yellow-brown, green and blue take inspiration from the organic environment and world around us. While gray and brown easily blend with most any palette, blue and green will make an exterior statement. Pair natural hues and warm undertones with natural textures such as wood or stone to fully take advantage of this trend. Like Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year, Evergreen Fog, these natural hues contrast nicely against black window frames, which will also be trending in 2022. 

2. Bright Accents 

Bright accents and bold colors will be on-trend for modern homes, drawing a crowd for all the right reasons. Adding bright accents to a white, beige, black or gray house is sure to pop. Instead of painting your home in a bright color, use bright accents on doors and windows frames. If you’re feeling daring, paint an exterior accent wall or install a bright roof. Bright colors contrast beautifully against a modern chic color palette

3. Dark Facades 

We’re expecting to see the rise of dark and moody exteriors, which can be flattering on any home style. Choose a shade that is both striking and blends well with the surrounding environment. Pair a dark exterior with lighter accent colors and natural textures to add warmth. Hit two trends at once and go for a dark, moody green exterior. 

4. Monochrome White 

Monochromatic white will be trending in the new year. A fresh, clean white color stands out against a beige facade. Add color to a monochromatic white exterior with bright flowers or lush green shrubs. 

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