Exterior Home Tips to Increase Curb Appeal 

Put your home’s best face forward! There are many reasons to improve the curb appeal of your home, from preparing to put it on the market to renovating an exterior you can be proud of. Your home has more curb appeal potential than you may realize. To help, we’ve compiled these home exterior tips. 

Make an Entrance

Your front door will be one of the first things your guests and potential buyers will notice, so make sure that it’s in good condition. Replacing or sprucing up your front door is an easy way to quickly improve your curb appeal. This can be as simple as changing the door hardware or adding entrance lighting. 

Check the Condition of Your Siding

A big ticket item that can change the entire look of your facade is the siding of your home. As a homeowner, it can be easy to look past peeling paint, but a potential buyer will notice it straight away. Inspect your home’s exterior for warped boards or siding panels that need to be repaired

Add Eye-catching Color

The color of your home can make or break your curb appeal. Consider painting your door in a contrasting color that complements your siding. If you have dark gray siding, opt for a stark white door, or pair dark blue siding with a yellow door. These color combinations are visually striking and will create a lasting first impression. 

Improve Your Windows 

Experts recommend upgrading your windows every 15 to 30 years. If you have the budget, you can replace them with new and improved windows that have a more modern look. If you’re not ready for new windows, consider painting the trim for a low-cost facelift. For exceptional style, match the trim of your windows to your side paneling, and make sure the color doesn’t clash with your front door. 

Once you’ve made these improvements, you can move on to smaller tasks such as decluttering and upgrading your front yard, lawn and garden to make the front of your house stand out like it never has before.