6 Front Door Upgrades to Boost Your Curb Appeal

A beautiful front door–a focal point for every house–can enhance your curb appeal and introduce your home’s overall aesthetic. If looking tired and worn, it can dampen your home’s attractiveness. Updating your front door can range from a full door replacement to adding a gable or transom window above your door. Here are some of our favorite front door swaps to transform your exterior. 

1. Invest in a New Door

If your current door is old or run down, consider a full door replacement. As a simple investment you can make in your home, buying a new front door is a decision to feel good about. It offers a great remodeling return on investment and allows you to enjoy enhanced security, not to mention a brand new look for your exterior. 

2. Paint Your Existing Door

If your existing door is in tip-top shape but the color has faded or fallen out of trend, all you need is a can of paint to update its look. When deciding on a new color, consider what shade will best accent your home’s siding and overall color palette. Do you want your front door to beautifully blend in, or do you want to make a bold statement?

3. Update Your Hardware

Replacing hardware such as the door knob, lock and house numbers is another impactful change you can make to your front door. If your hardware is outdated or doesn’t match the aesthetic of your exterior, swapping it out can make a huge difference. Plus, these upgrades are affordable, easy to do yourself, and can provide a new look in no time! 

4. Add a Transom Window Above Your Door

Exterior transom windows are a gorgeous architectural element and window style gaining in popularity for front doors and sliding patio doors alike. Transom windows rest on the horizontal beam above the door frame, offering a decorative feature for your facade. While some transoms have a ventilation option, most are meant to add charm and character to a home.  

5. Add a Gable or Awning Above Your Door

To add depth and interest to your front door, add a gable or awning. Your front door should be a focal point of your home, and both options enhance that feeling. They add charm and style, plus offer shelter for your guests while they ring the doorbell, or while you scramble to find your keys. 

6. New Decorative Trim

Adding decorative trim is another quick and affordable way to enhance your front door. It’s a subtle yet impressive accent that will give your home personality and style. If you already have door trim, consider painting it a new color to give your door a refresh!

Changing your front door can create a truly transformative effect. Use these ideas to refresh your exterior and increase your curb appeal!