How to Repair Your Vinyl Siding

When siding panels detach from one another or become loose, they can usually be popped back into place. But while vinyl siding is tough and durable, it’s not indestructible. It can be damaged by a fallen branch, a hard-hit baseball or challening weather. Fortunately, you can replace a damaged siding panel quite easily with a zip tool and a replacement piece. 

To ensure new siding panels blend with your current cladding, contact a qualified siding supplier to help find a match.

Signs Your Vinyl Siding Needs Attention
  • Chips, holes or dents: These are the most obvious signs of wear and tear and can lead to insect damage, moisture and mold.
  • Loose or cracked siding: Cracks from loosened siding can allow rainwater to trickle in between the panels and into your home’s interior.
  • Warped or bubbling panels: This can be caused due to heat or challenging weather damage and can lead to gaps that further expose your home to the elements.
  • Mildew, fungus or mold: If there’s any moisture-related growth on or underneath your siding panels, it’s crucial to find where the water is getting inside and fix it as soon as possible.
How To Replace a Damaged Panel

If a damaged siding panel needs to be replaced, take these simple steps to remove and replace a panel so it looks good as new!

1. Slip a zip tool or unlocking tool behind the bottom of the siding panel and above the one that needs to be replaced. Unzip it from the lock on the damaged panel.

2. Gently bend out the upper panel, take the nails out of the damaged panel and remove it.

3. Lock on the new panel and nail it in the center of the nailing slot. Don’t nail it too tightly or the siding will buckle when the outdoor temperature warms up. 

4. Use the unlocking tool to zip the upper panel over the lock on the new panel. 

If your home has vinyl siding, it’s important to know how to replace panels if they experience damage. Keeping up with repairs will prolong the longevity of your siding and maintain a fresh look for your home.