6 Budget-friendly Ideas for Patios and Porches 

If your patio or porch requires an upgrade but you don’t have a big budget, we have several suggestions that may help transform your outdoor space. Get creative, visit local thrift shops, upcycle and brighten your space for less with these six budget-friendly ideas: 

1. Add Color to the Floor

Add a pop of color under your feet with a large eye-catching outdoor rug. Alternatively, create the look of tile for less on an aging concrete patio. Use concrete stain, outdoor paint, and a stencil to create a stunning pattern in the colors of your choice. A coat of paint will also work well on a wooden deck. 

2. Add Lighting 

Install or upgrade your patio and porch lighting to enhance the ambiance. Decorative and practical, string lights are always a good choice. Upcycle tin cans with a coat of paint and add holes to turn them into funky lanterns. If dated, replace your porch or patio light with a more modern fixture for a quick and easy upgrade.

3. Paint Your Door 

For a big impact on a small budget, repaint your door to revitalize your entrance. Choose an eye-catching color to create a focal point. Pair with accessories such as a rug and flowers in similar shades for a complementary color palette.

4. Dress Up Your Seating 

Add style and personality to outdoor furniture with soft water-resistant cushions, quick-drying beach towels, and a matching throw blanket. If you don’t want to purchase new outdoor cushions, re-cover your old cushions instead. For a twist on traditional seating, install a hammock. 

5. Porch Planter Hack 

If you ask us, the best porch planters are those that require little maintenance. For a front porch planter hack, incorporate realistic faux flowers into the mix alongside live plants to create a stunning display with minimal effort. 

6. Add Wall Art 

Wicker and rattan are known for their durability and timeless style. Beyond furniture, wicker baskets can work as naturally-textured accents on the wall for a unique touch. Consider a garden wall with living or fake succulents if plants are more your style. Alternatively, show off your painting skills with a DIY abstract artwork that uses accent colors from your patio décor.