5 Ways to Get Your Home Exterior Ready for Spring

Spring is a time of growth and rejuvenation, which makes it the perfect season to refresh your home exterior. With temperatures warming up, take time to inspect, clean and repair your home to restore its beauty and functionality. Here are five ways to prepare your home exterior for the spring season:

  1. Plan Spring Projects Early
    Consider improving your curb appeal or modernizing your home exterior this spring. Homeowners who plan early and take more time to research can better refine a budget and clearly define the project. Remember contractors may offer discounts or promotions for early bookings, saving you money on spring projects. 
  2. Inspect Siding & Windows
    Walk around your home exterior and inspect your siding and windows for signs of damage. If siding damage is limited to a small area, it may be more cost-effective to repair the section. However, if the damage is widespread, contemplate replacing your siding. Window drafts and decaying frames may signify the need for a window replacement. Other telltale signs include a spike in energy bills and reduced soundproofing. 
  3. Maintain the Roof & Gutters
    Assess your roof and gutters for seasonal damage and repair if required. Remove any fallen branches, moss and debris from the roof. Don’t forget to clear gutters and downspouts to help channel rainwater away from your home and foundation. 
  4. Clean Outdoor Surfaces
    Get a head start on your outdoor spring cleaning. Use a pressure washer or garden hose to remove dirt from a patio, path or deck. Clean vinyl siding with mild soap and water using a cloth or long-handled, soft-bristled brush. Simply wipe vinyl windows with a damp cloth and clean the panes with a glass cleaner to make them sparkle. 
  5. Refresh with Paint & Stain
    Revive chipped or faded woodwork with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Reseal or restain wood decks, fences and outdoor structures to keep them in great condition. Consider the latest siding color trends if you update your exterior color scheme.

Before you invest in new siding or windows this spring, use the Alside Visualizer to compare products, colors and styles on your home.