Alside Predicts 2023 Siding Color Trends

As top paint manufacturers predict 2023 interior paint color trends, the color experts at Alside have weighed in with national survey and sales data to uncover a lighter siding trend in the new year. 

Neutral Siding Colors are Trending 

The Harris Poll survey results concluded most homeowners would lighten up their exteriors in 2023 with trending light and neutral colors. This consumer sentiment aligns with recent Alside sales, which have seen a strong increase in white siding, for example. The shift toward lighter tones can be seen with the popular farmhouse trend and homeowners gravitating toward lower-cost options and away from premium colors. 

2023 Siding Color Trends

The top five siding colors revealed in the survey highlight a neutral color palette consisting of:

  • Off-white/cream (20% of respondents)
  • White (14%)
  • Light Gray (12%)
  • Light Brown (11%)
  • Medium Blue (9%)
Alside Color Offering 

Alside provides an expansive color offering for those looking to build or renovate in 2023. Equipped with fade-resistance protection, Alside siding can provide the beauty and durability consumers need to create the perfect look for their home. 

Alside Visualizer 

Use the Alside Visualizer to picture a variety of siding colors on your home, or consult an Alside designer today. Our visualizer tool can help ensure the siding, windows and doors you choose will all work together to complete the look you want.