4 Siding Trends to Consider in 2022

Spruce up your home with the latest siding trends to add style and value to your home. If you plan to upgrade your siding in 2022, consider these four trends to boost your curb appeal. 

1. Trending Color 

Refresh your exterior with current home exterior color trends. Choose neutral earthy color palettes to align with major paint brands’ colors of the year. Alternatively, grays and whites with black accents will continue to add style and sophistication in 2022. 

2. Eco-Friendly Materials 

Minimize environmental impact with eco-conscious siding. Consider a siding product’s level of recyclability, locality, and energy efficiency. Vinyl siding is a popular durable and sustainable building material that never needs painted and can be recycled. 

3. Mix & Match Siding

Use different cladding styles to create a unique and trendy exterior that blends color, texture, and multiple board widths. Add stone veneer or wooden accents to your facade for a natural texture, or choose a siding with a wood grain appearance.  

4. Steel Siding 

Steel siding has a long list of benefits and a reputation for its superior strength and durability, working as a powerful shield to protect American homes. Gentek steel siding products are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and impact- and insect-resistant.