How to Customize Your Curb Appeal this Spring

As the weather warms up and flowers start to bloom, take the opportunity to refresh your home exterior and customize your curb appeal. Whether you want to add subtle detail or make your home stand out, these four steps can add a custom touch to your street appeal this season:

1. Incorporate Texture

Add natural textures such as stone, brick or wood to your facade. Consider adding stone veneer to sections of your home exterior or a stunning stone walkway that leads to the front door. Combine horizontal clapboard with board and batten and shakes, scallops or shingle siding to add dimension and create a unique look. Further customize with decorative accents and handcrafted trim detail to highlight the special characteristics that set your home apart.

2. Utilize Color

Use color to add a personal touch to your exterior. While many homeowners lean toward lighter siding colors, personal style can be expressed through bold color as an accent. The Alside Visualizer is a great tool for to experimenting with different color palettes. Before committing and purchasing materials, you may want to test colors on a small section of your home.   

3. Update Your Windows

Replacement windows come in various styles, colors, shapes and sizes to create a one-of-a-kind look. Depending on the window manufacturer, you may be able to customize the interior and exterior color and finish, grid pattern and glass detail. If you aren’t ready to replace your windows, consider adding modern window awnings or shutters.

4. Refresh Your Entry Door

Make your entry door a focal point to draw in the eye. Paint your existing door a bright hue and update the door hardware. Alternatively, update your front entrance with a stylish new replacement door. Add a unique touch with sidelights or glass detail. Show your love of spring with a seasonal wreath, decorative planters and front porch seating.