How to Bring the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ Trend to Your Home

The “Coastal Grandmother” design trend making waves on social media encourages homeowners to enjoy oceanside minimalism regardless of where they live and bring the outdoors into their homes. This trend draws inspiration from the subtle tones of sand, sea and sky to create a relaxed and sophisticated interior with bright and spacious living areas. Here are four ways to incorporate the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic into your home:

1. Use a Neutral Color Palette 

Coastal Grandmother requires a soft, neutral color palette with crisp white or ivory as the backdrop. Pay tribute to its coastal origins and add pale nautical blue accents throughout your home, from kitchen cabinets to feature walls and furniture. Cozy throw pillows and blankets should all be in the same muted tones. You can extend the same natural hues and monochromatic white to your home exterior, trim and front porch.  

2. Add Natural Materials and Textures 

Coastal Grandmother has a high-quality and sustainable aesthetic inspired by nature. You can achieve this look with shiplap accent walls and light natural materials such as wood, soft cotton, linen and knit textures. Hang flowy linen curtains and utilize rattan and wicker storage baskets. Finish the look with a textured rug, a touch of driftwood and an array of foliage and flowers in vintage vases. Decorate your porch, patio or deck with greenery, wicker furniture and naturally textured accents

3. Incorporate Eclectic Decor 

Thoughtfully decorate with vintage and antique pieces throughout your home to add grandmother charm and eclecticism. Use display cabinets or open shelving to show off your finest china and favorite cookbooks. 

4. Add Light

Complete the Coastal Grandmother trend with an abundance of light. If necessary, install additional interior lighting. Add decorative pendant lighting or a chandelier that aligns with the coastal grandmother color palette. Add a mirror to reflect interior light and capitalize on natural light to brighten rooms with large windows and sliding patio doors