Best-Suited Siding for Popular American House Styles

When it comes to American residential architecture, a diverse range of house styles exist, each with its unique charm and history. If you’re planning a home renovation or want to spruce up your home exterior, picking the right siding to complement your house style is essential. Let’s explore five popular American house styles and discover the best-suited siding for each.

1. Ranch House Styles

Ranch-style homes are known for their low, horizontal profiles. To maintain this sleek and modern look, use horizontal vinyl siding like Sequoia Select® Ultra-Premium Vinyl Siding. A smooth finish in muted earthy tones like beige or gray will accentuate your ranch house’s clean lines and simplicity. Gentek’s Color Clear Through® system makes it easy to find the perfect color match for your exterior design.

2. Cape Cod House Styles

Cape Cod homes are iconic for their charming, cottage-like appeal. Vertical vinyl siding with a mix of shake or board-and-batten texture throughout the facade beautifully complements this style. Soft pastel shades, like light blue or cream, will evoke the traditional Cape Cod aesthetic.

3. English Tudor House Styles

English Tudor homes exude an Old-World storybook charm. Brick or stone accents combined with stucco or half-timbering are typical features. Opt for vinyl siding or composite cladding in rich, earthy tones like deep brown or olive green. The textured wood grain finish can mimic the look of timbered beams, giving your Tudor home an authentic appearance.

4. Victorian House Styles

Victorian homes are known for their ornate, intricate details and vibrant color schemes. Consider vinyl shakes or scallops in bold and bright colors such as deep red, forest green, or royal blue. This siding style will highlight the Victorian’s decorative features and intricate trim work.

5. Bungalow House Styles

Bungalows are known for their cozy and welcoming appearance. Horizontal vinyl siding in warm, earthy tones like amber or terracotta complements this style beautifully. Consider using a contrasting trim color to accentuate the bungalow’s architectural details.

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