4 Ways to Warm Up Your Home Curb Appeal This Winter

While fresh snow can undoubtedly make a front yard look beautiful, most of us begin to dream of green grass and bright flowers by the middle of winter. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or liven up your space, here are four ways you can add warmth to your home’s curb appeal this winter.

1. Check Your Siding

Bare winter trees and foliage expose your siding. Unfortunately, dirty siding or faded and chipped paint stands out against a dreary winter background. The good news is cooler weather and reduced humidity make autumn the perfect time to paint your home’s exterior before the snow hits. Ensure it’s at least 50°F when you apply paint and the temperature won’t drop below 32°F overnight for several days after. Look for any cracks or damage and repair your siding before painting. If your home doesn’t need repainting, follow our tips for cleaning your siding.

2. Add Outdoor Lighting 

As the days get shorter, outdoor lighting can add an element of safety and beauty to your home. Illuminate the path to your front door and add decorative lanterns to your front porch. Take it to the next level with battery-operated candles for a realistic light flicker. Add extra ambiance by adding white string lights to your patio and around bare tree trunks and limbs.

3. Keep Decorations Simple 

If trying to attract buyers, less is more when it comes to winter decorations. Attach a seasonal wreath to the front door and neatly pile a stack of firewood on the porch. If you don’t get a lot of snow, add a chair to your front porch with a cozy blanket and outdoor cushions for warmth. A neutral color palette will look stylish and welcoming. For a pop of green, add a couple of planters to your front porch with winter-friendly evergreen trees.

4. Window Maintenance

While it’s essential to ensure your windows look clean from the curb, regular seasonal cleaning and maintenance can also prolong the life of your windows. First, check the exterior frame and seal for cracks, chips or gaps. Paint any exposed wood, and seal cracks with outdoor sealants that will stand up to winter weather. Next, if you can feel a cool breeze inside your home near any of your windows or see an excessive amount of condensation on the glass, you may need to reapply weatherstripping or replace your windows altogether. Check for signs your windows may need replaced.