4 Tips to Help You Choose an Exterior Trim Color for Your Home

Exterior trim lines your roof, frames your windows and doors, and accentuates your siding. In the right hue, your exterior trim can help bring out your home’s best features. But how do you select the right shade? Follow these four tips to help you choose an exterior trim color that best complements your home: 

1. Use Subtle Contrasting Color 

The color of your siding will often determine your exterior trim color. Select an exterior trim color a couple of shades lighter or darker than your siding to create an inviting color palette. This method is best suited for traditional suburban neighborhoods where neutral earthy colors are popular. 

2. Choose a Monochromatic Color

Alternatively, a trending monochromatic color scheme with black exterior trim and white siding will add modern elegance to your home. Keep in mind you also can’t go wrong with classic white exterior trim. To add more contrast, simply use a brighter shade of white. 

3. Test Your Color Preferences

If you struggle to choose between two colors, get samples in your favorite shades or paint trim material, then hold it up to your home exterior to see how it might look together. Ensure you examine the colors in the shade and full sun throughout the day. 

4. Know Where to Use Your Exterior Trim Color

Match the soffit color to your siding color for a professional finish. Then, use the exterior trim color for the outward-facing cornice. To make gutters and downspouts blend in, use the adjacent color. If you want your windows to recede into the facade, ensure the sashes and shutters are the darkest part of your color scheme. 

Whether you prefer subtle impact or high contrast, the Gentek color experts are here to help you find the perfect exterior trim color. Use the Gentek Visualizer to see color come to life on your home.