Window Seats for Cozy Winter Days 

If your ideal winter day is cozying up and getting engrossed in a novel, adding a window seat to one of your rooms is an excellent idea. When you have guests over, a window seat provides extra seating, and it acts as extra storage when fitted with drawers, cabinets, or a hinged benchtop. Window seats are incredibly versatile and can fit into nearly any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room or den. Further, it can turn an unused space into a beautiful focal point that will act as a statement in your home. Have we intrigued you? Here’s why you should add a window seat for cozy winter days. 

Benefits of Window Seats

A window seat adds instant charm to any room, allowing you to create a cozy reading nook or the perfect spot for a cat nap. Fill it with oversized pillows and blankets, hang an overhead light, and keep a small stool nearby for books and a pot of tea. Make sure to hang window coverings for the extra bright days when the glaring sun may be too intense. 

If you have underused space in your home, a window seat is an excellent way to transform it into a functional and stylish area. It suits all home styles, from modern to contemporary. Window seats help bring the outdoors in, inviting the view into your home and giving you the feeling of being out in nature while you stay warm and cozy inside. 

A window seat will also increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Although it’s not a major upgrade, a window seat enhances the warmth and comfort of your home, creating an inviting atmosphere for anyone who enters. It also creates extra seating and offers a hidden storage area, both of which are appealing to prospective buyers. 

Choosing the Perfect Spot 

Bay and bow windows are ideal for creating a window seat, especially if it looks out onto picturesque scenery. If you don’t already have a bay window or bow window in your home, consider an Alside custom design to add style to your exterior and expand your interior space, light and view. It will make any room more interesting, plus they’re exceptionally energy efficient, increasing the comfort of your home, and especially your window seat.  

You’ll also want to make sure no HVAC vents are in the area so you won’t have an uncomfortable breeze blowing on you. And it’s ideal to have a window seat in a quieter room of your home that doesn’t get as much foot traffic. Place your window seat in the most relaxing space possible, and give yourself bonus points if it looks out onto a stunning view.

Ready to increase the charm and tranquility of your home? A window seat will help you do exactly that.