What is Window Glazing and Why is it Important?

Replacement windows are an investment that can add beauty and functionality to your home. Consider such things as quality craftsmanship, maintenance and style. Modern windows can offer levels of window glazing and glass packages for improved performance to benefit the homeowner. 

What is Window Glazing?

Window glazing is a term used to describe the layers of glass within a window frame. There are multiple levels of window glazing, starting with a single pane of glass (single-glazed), two panes of glass (double-glazed) and three panes of glass (triple-glazed).

How Does Window Glazing Improve Home Energy Efficiency?

The more glazing a window has, the higher the energy efficiency. Window glazing adds extra layers of insulation between the outdoors and your home. Insulated glass helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature, helping to save on energy needs. You may also have the option to add argon gas between the glass layers for exceptional energy efficiency. 

When Should I Reglaze My Windows?

If you notice broken, cracked or warped glass, you should prioritize reglazing your windows. Window condensation between glass panes can also signify the need to reglaze your windows. Depending on the age and performance of the damaged window, you may benefit from replacing the window altogether. 

What are the Benefits of Window Glazing?

Window glazing has potential benefits for the homeowner beyond energy savings. Double- and triple-panes can help reduce outdoor noise while the addition of Low-E coatings can help to protect furniture and carpet from harmful UV rays.

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