What is Full-Frame Replacement (and How is it Superior to Pocket Replacement) for Vinyl Windows)?

When it comes time to replace your old windows, there are two options to consider: full-frame window replacement and pocket window replacement. If you’re doing a home remodel project, a full-frame window replacement provides numerous benefits over pocket window replacements as it is a comprehensive solution for your home! Read on to find out the difference between full-frame and pocket replacement and discover which is the superior approach for replacing vinyl windows.

What is Pocket Replacement?

The alternative option places a pocket window inside the existing window frame. The existing window sashes are removed and the new window is placed inside the existing frame. . With pocket replacements, you keep the original frame, trim, and siding intact. It’s a relatively simple process as it doesn’t require any advanced carpentry skills and is best suited for replacing wood or aluminum windows. However, it leaves you with older, worn parts of the window. Hence, if you’re looking for a brand new solution, full-frame replacement is the superior option.

What is Full-Frame Replacement?

A full-frame window replacement occurs when you completely remove your old window, including its frame and its nail fin, and install a window with an integral nailing flange. It’s the best and most comprehensive method available because it integrates the new window into the home’s existing water management system. By removing the whole window frame entirely, your new window will be larger and provide more viewable glass for you home. Not only does full-frame replacement provide the best overall value, it also gives you peace of mind in knowing you’ll have high performing, durable, energy-efficient windows that are beautiful.

Looking to Replace Your Vinyl Windows?

Whether you’re doing a home renovation that requires new windows or you want to replace your old, make sure you have the very best solution on the market. Enter: The Mezzo Full-Frame Replacement System from Alside. One of Alside’s most popular window lines, it now offers an innovative trim solution designed for full-frame replacement projects. Delivering superior performance, pleasing aesthetic and snap-fit trim, it provides the best overall value. This window replacement system helps prevent water intrusion while delivering durability and energy efficiency for a finishing touch that will make a huge difference to your home exterior.

Benefits of the Mezzo Full-Frame Replacement System

The Mezzo Full-Frame Replacement System offers two different trim styles, three vinyl color options and 10 exterior painted color choices to ensure you get the look you want for your home. It creates a uniform, clean aesthetic from window to window and can withstand wind and temperature extremes. Trimworks Decorative Window Accents custom made to each replacement window for an exact color match, and its SwiftLock Technology ensures a secure, perfect fit.

Ready to replace your old windows? Full-frame replacement is the way to go, offering a beautiful and comprehensive solution for your home!