Top 5 Colors For Exteriors

Does your home exterior need a refresh? You can easily update your facade with a fresh coat of paint! Painting your home exterior doesn’t mean just painting your siding and calling it a day. It’s important for the colors of the exterior features of your house to work in unison for the ultimate finished product. 

Since siding takes up the largest surface area, choose this color first to determine the primary color of your home. Choose a siding color that suits your home style and that you know you’ll love for years to come. Then, choose colors for other exterior features such as doors, window and door trim, railings and shutters. Decide whether you want your exterior colors to contrast or blend with each other. Either way, they should always complement one another for a comprehensive look. Check out the top 5 colors for exteriors this year!  

1. Warm White 

Warm white exteriors are classic and beautiful. Whether you use white siding to give your home a show-stopping facade or choose it for your trim, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous crisp white shade. Clean and minimal is the name of the game in home design, and there’s no better shade than white to convey this. Pair an allover white facade with black or wood accents for a classic and charming home that will stand the test of time. 

2. Rich Navy

Naval was recently announced as Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year – a rich, navy blue that creates a calm and grounding environment. Navy is an approachable neutral that goes with everything, making it a great color for your exterior. Dark exteriors are especially popular right now, and due to their timeless nature, they show no signs of going anywhere. Navy complements a variety of architectural styles, bringing a classic element to modern homes and elevating the historic feel of traditional homes. Use it for your siding, paired with lighter trim, or apply it to your front door for a gorgeous, rich pop of color. 

3. Dark Gray

Speaking of dark exteriors, dark, slate gray like Alside’s Ageless Slate in vinyl siding is another gorgeous option. Dark gray surrounded by a lush, green landscape creates a beautiful contrast. Opt for black window frames and trim for a more modern look, or white or wood accents for a more traditional vibe. Use a light to medium wood for your front door, porch and columns for the most stunning contrast. 

4. Soft Blue 

Want your house to be a true standout on your block? A soft blue that trends toward gray, such as Alside’s Harbor Blue, offers a gorgeous neutral option that’s extremely versatile. Pair it with light trim in crisp white or cream for a classic country vibe, or dark gray or black for a more modern feel.

5. Bright Beige 

If you love the idea of having a neutral and minimalistic exterior but want something other than plain white, a bright beige with some gray undertones could be the perfect color. Light, warm and fresh, a bright beige will give your home exterior a timeless, elegant feel.

These shades are the way to go for exterior colors this year. Choose your favorite combinations for your next exterior paint project!