The Importance of Visualizing Exterior Renovations Before You Spend a Dime with a Contractor

Renovating your home’s exterior is a big deal. The siding itself makes up a vast surface area, and your roof, doors and windows all need to seamlessly work together. The key to successfully executing your home makeover is to visualize your exterior renovations before you make any changes or spend any money. This will help avoid post-project regret. 

You want to be sure the colors, textures, materials and styles you choose not only work together, but work to give your home the aesthetic you hope for. Fortunately, envisioning your exterior renovation is easier than ever with the Visualizer tool that allows you to see your house with different siding, windows, door products and colors. Just upload a photo of your home (or use one of the samples provided), and start customizing to create your ideal exterior! 

This tool makes it easy for you to achieve the right curb appeal for your home by providing examples of choices, helping you better plan your renovations. 

Why Uploading a Great Photo is Key (And How to Take One)

To get the best visualization of your home with a new door, siding or windows, be sure to upload a quality image. Take a photo of your house on a slightly cloudy day to avoid dark shadows. Take the photo with the sun behind your back; if the sun is behind the house, your home may look washed out or under shadows, making it difficult to see colors. 

Avoid taking photos at dawn, dusk, or night to avoid uneven lighting conditions, and take the photo straight on to prevent awkward angles. Clear unnecessary objects in front of the home such as cars, flower pots and garbage cans so your view is as clear as possible. 

How to Plan Financially for Your Exterior Renovation

An exterior renovation is an investment that can enhance energy efficiency and improve your curb appeal and home value, but it’s important to make sure you’re financially prepared before you start the work. 

Set a realistic home renovation budget so you understand the products you can afford before you start customizing with the Visualization tool. Once you’re happy with your mock-ups, make sure to interview contractors and get multiple quotes before settling on one. Remember, there are almost always extra, unexpected costs with a home renovation, so add a contingency fund of 10% to 20% for bigger projects such as a full exterior renovation. 

Updating your house with a new exterior isn’t easy, but with the help of a Visualizer, you can see what your home will look like before you spend a dime!