Summer Projects to Revive Your Home

Summer provides a great season to make a good impression with your home. Your neighbors are out, friends are coming over, and—especially if you’re planning to put your house on the marketpotential buyers are out in full swing. Want to inject some new life into your house? Check out six summer projects to revive your home!

1. Remove Clutter

Clutter doesn’t just exist inside your home. If your porch, front steps or garage space is filled with items, it’s time to clear them away. Remove items like snow shovels, recycling, watering cans or garden tools. A clean view from the street makes your home more appealing, and it then enables you to enhance your curb appeal with simple yet beautiful items like ceramic planters and porch chairs. 

2. Paint Your Front Door

If you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, giving your front door a makeover can do wonders. Consider painting with a bright, bold color to make your house stand out. Going from black or white to true red or light blue can make your exterior look new and fresh. Your door is your home’s first impression, so make it a good one. 

3. Clean Your Siding 

Has it been a while since your siding got a good rinse? Vinyl siding is prone to dirt, grime and stains. Even though it’s highly durable, vinyl siding requires care. It generally needs periodic cleaning with mild soap and water from a garden hose, as well as a soft cloth or long-handled soft bristle brush.

4. Replace Worn Hardware 

Hardware such as house numbers, entry door handles and locksets, and light fixtures can make a big impact on the exterior look of your home. If they’re out of date or dingy, they’re not helping your home make a good impression. To give your home a unified and stylish look, select hardware and fixtures with a similar style, finish and color.

5. Landscaping and Gardening 

If the exterior of your home feels a little lackluster, add a garden and spruce up your landscaping. To complement your home rather than conceal it, trim back branches, shrubs and trees. If you have a garden, make sure it’s weeded and planted. If you don’t, find a spot where one might work and plant your favorite flowers to give color to your facade. For a simpler approach, potted flowers will give your home a welcoming feel and colorful curb appeal.

6. Add Landscape Lighting 

Speaking of landscaping, adding landscape lighting will brighten your exterior, enhance security and add to your curb appeal. A variety of pathway light options are available to help prevent tripping, trampling and even dangerous encounters with wildlife. Plus, they can help showcase plants, stonework and other features of your home, adding to your overall aesthetic.

Summer is almost here. Take on these projects to revive your home and burst your curb appeal for the warmer months!