Siding and Roofing Color Trends 

Sprucing up your exterior is just as important as upgrading your interior. It’s the first thing neighbors and guests see when they approach your home, and the curb appeal of your house influences what they think the inside will look like. If your exterior is beautiful and well maintained, it makes the whole home appear more welcoming. 

Updating your roof and siding colors can give your exterior new life. It can transform your home’s style, and it will enhance your curb appeal for decades to come. Whether you’re doing an entire exterior remodel, or are re-siding or re-roofing your home, consider these tips to help you choose a siding and roof color combination you’ll love!

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors have historically been the way to go when it comes to siding and roofing combinations. In the past, there weren’t many roofing options, so it was difficult to perfectly match siding colors. Even with more options today, many homeowners still opt for a contrasting combination for their roof and siding colors. It gives you a more extensive range of material choices and can make your siding pop! For instance, if you have a black roof, crisp white siding makes for a stunning contrast, and if you opt for a grey roof, a soft blue siding is a subtle contrast that makes a big impact. 

Complementing Colors

A newer trend in home exteriors is to match your roof and siding colors. Vinyl roofing, composite shingles and metal roofing are available in a variety of different colors, making it easier to find a shade that will match your preferred siding color. Matching colors is a striking way to make your home stand out. It’s not as common as contrasting siding and roof combinations, so you’re sure to turn heads. A black roof with black or dark gray cladding is bold and dramatic, making a major style statement, while gray on gray provides a more contemporary vibe. Incorporate a contrasting trim for a nice pop!

Matching Siding with Your Home’s Current Roof

If you’re planning to re-side your home and keep your current roof, a good way to match your siding color is to pair a warm color with another warm color, or a cool color with another cool color. Warm colors include oranges, yellows, browns, red and golds, and cool colors include greens, blues, whites and purples. Coordinating tones will result in an appealing color combination that’s stylish and classic, and contrasting tones will make for a more dramatic finish.

Matching a Roof with Your Home’s Current Siding 

If your current siding is in tip-top shape, but you need to replace your roof, stick with a classic color such as black, brown, gray or red. Variations of these colors are available in different roofing materials, so you have many options to work with. Go lighter for a more minimal look, or darker for a more dramatic effect.

Use these tips to find a roof and siding color combination that will make you happy for years to come!