Pergola Ideas for Any Home

It’s great to spend time outside in the summer, but it’s important to protect yourself from negative health effects from the sun, especially if you don’t have trees or other means to block sunlight. Pergolas are a stylish solution that provide shade and comfort. 

A pergola is a structure typically comprising parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters. With numerous options from poolside pergolas to structures with curtains, a pergola can transform your backyard, giving your space the finishing touch you’ve been searching for. 

Check out 7 pergola ideas for any home!

1. Patio Pergola

Placing a pergola over your patio creates the feel of an outdoor living room. It provides shade while creating a stylish and inviting space for you to relax and unwind. Add in oversized outdoor furniture and some twinkle lights for the ultimate cozy ambiance. 

2. Pergola with Curtains 

A pergola offers privacy and shade, but if you want even more seclusion for your patio, add curtains. Plus, curtains add drama and elegance to the space. You can leave them open when you want to enjoy the sun and open air, or close them when you crave privacy. 

3. Dining Table Pergola

Do you love eating and entertaining outside with guests? Place a pergola over your outdoor dining table for a stylish addition. What could be better than a good meal, light music and chilled wine served under a gorgeous pergola? The pergola will provide shade when the sun is out, and you can line it with string lights so it’s lit up at night, extending your time outside. 

4. Poolside Pergola 

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, consider adding in a pergola over your poolside lounge area. A freestanding wood pergola offers a calming escape after a dip in the pool. Place a comfy couch and chairs underneath for the ultimate relaxation spot. 

5. Floral Pergola 

Pergolas are beautiful on their own, but if you want to enhance them even more, add flowering vines or hanging potted flowers to your pergola. Consider the following vines to climb and decorate your overhead structure: bower vine, chocolate vine, climbing roses and wisteria. Potted flowers hanging from the top of the pergola are also a gorgeous touch. 

6. Petite Pergola 

Have a small seating area that needs some shade? Opt for a small pergola that provides just the right amount of shelter and privacy. If your seating area is on your porch, you can attach the pergola to your house to create a wall-leaning structure. If it’s in your yard, opt for a freestanding petite pergola. 

7. Hot Tub Pergola 

A backyard hot tub is the ideal spot to create some privacy. Placing a pergola over your hot tub provides shelter and solitude so you can enjoy your time in the tub without worry. It will provide a lovely outdoor “room” you can retreat to after a long day.

Ready to enhance the style, comfort and privacy of your backyard? These pergola ideas will have your backyard looking amazing.