Hot Home Design Trends: 7 Smart Upgrades Worth Investing In

Homeowners are on a constant quest to improve their homes but often need guidance to renovate with confidence and ease. Remodeling projects should add value to your home and improve the quality of your life. These 7 hot home design trends we expect to see this year will do just that.

1. Kitchen Upgrade

Whether improving functionality, adding value to your home, or just needing a change, a majority of homeowners consider the kitchen as their top priority for renovation. The Marie Kondo effect has made its way into popular home design trends, as homeowners are making sense of the minimalist ideals that provide storage and keep appliances hidden (yet easily accessible) to decrease clutter.

The minimalist aesthetic of neutral colors – gray and black – are expected to make their way to kitchen spaces this year. For kitchen countertops, granite will remain the most popular go-to material in kitchen renovations.

2. Upgrade Your Flooring

Similar to kitchen upgrades for home design, year after year homeowners gravitate to upgrading their floors. Consistent flooring throughout your home will make your living space look bigger and give your entire home a cohesive look. Hardwood floors and ceramic tiling are both modern and timeless. Hardwood floor color trends for 2020 include European White Oak, Dark Charcoal, Cool Brown Walnut and Yellow Oak. Ceramic tiling trends include mixed color palettes, refined natural wood looks, industrial chic and speckled surfaces.

3. Open Concept Spaces

Although this trend has been around for a while, the upcoming year will see open-concept floor plans remaining one of the most popular. Open-concept spaces make homeowners feel their home is interconnected, allowing enjoyment of multiple spaces at once. Creating a flow from inside to outside has also become increasingly popular, blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding patio doors are a great way to create this illusion.

4. Floral Patterns

Florals have been modernized, and decorators are gravitating toward the timeless decor pattern to refresh a space. In hot home design trends for the next year, decorators expect to find florals with contrasting colors, and playful scales, in the kitchen, entryway, bathroom or bedroom, or as decorative wall art in any space.

5. Bold Colors

Though muted colors can help avoid making spaces feel visually heavy, home design trends in 2019 saw a preference for bolder colors inside and outside of the home. If your home is mostly comprised of muted furnishings and elements, richer color hues here and there can really make decorative pieces pop. Homeowners are gravitating toward lush greens, statement pinks, bold yellow pieces, and of course the Sherwin Williams’ color of the year, Naval, for their exteriors.

6. Bold Bathroom Designs

Geometric patterns are expected to become a dramatic presence in modern bathrooms, as homeowners aren’t afraid of making bold statements in such spaces. Like many home design trends this year, bolder is better. The use of black and other bold colors, along with trendy and modern amenities, will be popular. This includes industrial style sinks and vanities, trough (bucket) sinks, unconventional tile designs, deep soaking tubs and large open-concept showers.

7. Wallpaper

What was once a terrible design trend of the past, wallpaper has made a comeback. The peel-and-stick feature of today’s wallpaper is attractive to homeowners who like to stay on top of the latest trends. Carrying on the bold design trends this year, agate (mineral and crystal) wallpaper can make your walls pop with a splash of color and natural, ununiformed lines.

Of the remodeling options for your home, which hot home design trends do you think you might incorporate?