Home Office 2020: The Best Ideas Are HERE!

With more people working from home than ever before, there’s a desire to upgrade home offices in a special way. As a space you work from everyday, it’s important your home office is a room that inspires you and makes you feel productive and creative. From the decor you choose to the colors you paint the wall, there are ways to enhance your home office so it’s a space you love. Check out the best ideas for home office spaces this year! 

1. Room with a View

Any great home office space has nice, big windows. Natural light has plenty of benefits including enhancing your mood, reduced eye strain and increased productivity. Not to mention, if you have a great view to look out to, it will instantly brighten your day. Alside’s New Construction Windows are beautiful, rich in color and updated with modern design twists fit for any home. Their energy performance and durability make them a practical choice, and their contemporary look make them a great fit for your home office and beyond!  

2. Ample Storage 

Having lots of storage in your home office ensures your space isn’t cluttered. A cluttered office can lead to a cluttered mind, and you may spend more time stressing about how messy your office is than actually doing any work. Consider customized built-in storage for your office space. This will give your home office charm and personality and allow you to hide your supplies out of view until you need them.

3. Minimalist Decor

Less is more when it comes to your office space, as too much clutter can cause stress and overwhelm. There are so many agendas, gadgets, desk accessories and wall art pieces, but at the end of the day, minimal is best. Be meaningful with the decor you choose, rather than filling your office with cute, trendy pieces. Bring in items that make you feel calm and productive, like plants, a salt lamp and some beautiful stationery. 

4. Rich Color Palettes

Home offices are going to the dark side in 2020- when it comes to color, that is. Rich, dark shades like midnight blue and jewel green create a cozy feeling that brings back memories of studying at your college library. Darker colors on the wall pair well with leather furniture, a wood desk and shelving, and gold or brass light fixtures. If you don’t want to commit to four dark walls, opt for a rich, dark accent wall to add dimension to the space. 

5. Sustainability 

Like elsewhere in the home, from your siding to your windows, the focus on sustainability is stronger than ever. Bring in sustainable decor that utilizes natural materials. Linen is a great option as it requires very little water to grow and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Plants and greenery are always a great addition to an office space, and there are plenty of eco-conscious brands you can shop from for everything from storage containers to lighting.

Ready to upgrade your office! These 2020 trends are all you need to know!