Amazing Garden and Outdoor Trends for 2020

As summer settles in and we increasingly enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible, our yards become an extension of our interiors, creating more livable space for our homes. To maximize this time and spaceand create a yard that’s truly specialput just as much thought into your outdoor space as the inside of your home. To find inspiration, check out these 6 amazing garden and outdoor trends for 2020:

1. Water Features

Whether it’s a fountain, waterfall, stream or pond, water features are gaining popularity for their ability to enhance outdoor aesthetics. They can be simple or elaborate, but either way, they’re sure to make a statement. Water features aren’t just easy on the eye, they’re also soothing. The constant trickle of water helps you relax and de-stress, and with health and wellness at the top of everyone’s mind, anything that increases tranquillity is key. 

2. Natural Materials

Natural materials such as wood, rattan, wicker and stone can create the most gorgeous outdoor oasisand homeowners are loving it. Think stone flower pots, a rattan seating area, a teak daybed, and a stylish wood patio. Some are even taking the wood-effect poolside, using waterproof tiling for a deck that beautifully mimics the look of real wood. 

3. Warm Accents

Softer shades of yellow, orange, green and pink are having a moment in outdoor living. After being stuck inside all winter and spring, homeowners are turning their heads toward brighter, warmer colors for outdoor furniture, rugs and accessories. Colorful coffee tables, patterned rugs, and textile blankets and throw pillows are just some ways to add a pop of color to your yard. 

4. Homemade Garden Boxes

Many homeowners prefer to grow their own vegetables and herbs. Homemade garden boxes are on the rise, becoming the norm in many back yards. There’s something so amazing about growing your own food, not to mention the impact it has on the environment by reducing food miles, as well as food and packaging waste. 

5. Garden Umbrellas 

Garden umbrellas can be incredibly stylish, adding a dose of character to your yard. They’re ideal for hiding from harsh rays or rain that threatens to dampen your day outside. With plenty of options available, you can easily add a pattern or color to your yard with a garden umbrella. Use one to cover your outdoor seating area so you can relax in your yard without worry.

6. Bridging Indoors and Outdoors

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor space, helping your home feel larger and more cohesive. There are a number of things you can do to blur the boundary between your indoor and outdoor space, bringing elements from the indoors out into your yard. String lights and pendant lights give the illusion of a ceiling, while sliding glass doors and windows create a seamless blending of house and yard. Awnings, charming landscaping and cozy furniture also help elevate the privacy and comfort of the outdoors.  

Ready to upgrade your garden and yard? These 6 trends will ensure your outdoor space looks just as stunning as your interior!