Add Faux Wood As An Accent Color On Your Home

Thinking of adding an accent color on your home? Instead of paint, why not consider faux wood as your accent? Wood conveys the feeling of warmth, making your home captivating and inviting. Faux wood is even better because, although it gives you the look of real wood, it doesn’t come with the maintenance and price tag. Here are 5 ways to use faux wood as an accent color on your home.

Garage Doors

Your garage door has the potential to be a true statement piece of your exterior. Often overlooked, it’s a design feature that can transform the look of your home. Faux wood garage doors can suit any style of home. Vertical planks with black rustic hardware will create a classic country vibe, while horizontal wood planks with long windows down one side are ideal for more contemporary homes. 

Mix Wood with Stone

If your home exterior is mostly stone, add a beautiful accent with faux wood. The combination of wood and stone creates an unexpectedly gorgeous contrast, giving a contemporary home some warmth and charm. Work with a designer to figure out the best placement for the faux wood so it’s evenly accented across your exterior. 

Front Door

Wood front doors offer a classic, timeless look, ideal for traditional homes. They’re extremely versatile as they complement almost every color to create a signature look for your exterior. A faux wood door against white or soft blue siding elevates the rustic charm of your exterior, while wood against slate gray or black creates a more modern aesthetic. 

Charming Window Shutters

Faux wood window shutters are the ultimate way to bring farmhouse charm to your home. They make a gorgeous accent for your exterior, warming it up and adding a touch of personality. Like wood doors, they’re extremely versatile, accenting a wide range of siding colors and materials. 

Mid-Century Modern Porch Roof

If you’re going for a mid-century modern look, using faux wood for the ceiling of your porch roof will create the perfect aesthetic. It’s subtle in the best way possible, generating an element of surprise when guests walk up to your home. It’s a beautiful accent that creates a captivating entryway to your home. 

Faux wood is one of the best ways to add warmth, personality and character to your exterior. Use it as an accent color and elevate your home in the most charming way.