A Review of 2020 Siding Trends

As we settle well into the second half of 2020, we review what’s been hotand not—so far this year in the world of siding trends. Cladding is one of the key exterior features of your home. It covers most of your home’s surface, protects it, and elevates your curb appeal. 

Like all design trends, siding trends change over the years. Check out the most popular siding trends to date in 2020!

1. Bold Siding Colors

Homeowners are adding a dose of personality to their homes with bold siding colors. Gorgeous, rich shades like brick red, midnight blue and cast iron grey add instant curb appeal, making your exterior really stand out. Dark-on-dark combinations are also growing in popularity. You can achieve this look by pairing any dark, bold siding color with black trim or a dark wood door and shutters. 

2. Smooth and Sleek Finishes

When it comes to exteriors, homeowners are loving a smooth, sleek finish. It gives your home a clean modern aesthetic and enhances your curb appeal, whether you’re planning to stay put or put your home up for sale.  A smooth finish lends an air of refinement to your home, and it offers beauty and a seamless finish to your exterior. 

3. Mixed Materials 

Mixing materials is another big exterior trend for 2020. Think: wood accents with industrial-looking siding, and blending modern and rustic styles. Combining materials enhances charm and personality while creating a one-of-a-kind exterior. The sleek look of composite cladding pairs perfectly with accents such as marble, stone or metal pieces, and you can’t go wrong with mixing earthy features with rustic, wood-like textures. 

4. Exterior Details

Once you’ve chosen your siding color, finish and material, it’s time to enhance your exterior with details and accessories. Consider ways to accentuate your home with items such as outdoor lights, creative house numbers, and front door hardware. Charming, historic details such as peaks and columns are also making a comeback and are a great complement to modern siding. 

5. Sustainable Choices

Homeowners are increasingly opting for sustainable siding choices. Not only are they better for the environment and create a more eco-friendly home, but they typically require less maintenance and are more durable than other siding products. Vinyl siding is friendlier on the environment than many other siding products, making it an excellent choice for today and generations to come. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your exterior, consider these siding trends that are making a splash this year!