6 Tips for Building the Perfect Garden Shed

A backyard shed provides a space to store and organize garden equipment and outdoor games and can offer a charming addition to any yard. A garden shed can also give your property an edge over others since it offers new homeowners extra storage and can help keep the yard clutter-free. 

The following tips will help you plan, design and build the shed of your dreams. Before you get started, however, be sure to check your local bylaws or speak with a contractor to understand any limitations or restrictions to having a shed on your property.

1. Build a Solid Foundation

Create a sturdy foundation using pressure-treated lumber with joists every couple of feet. Fill the foundation with gravel, and use a tamper to ensure it’s compacted before covering the frame and gravel with plywood. Make sure it’s level. For a floor that’s even more durable, lay down cement pavers over the gravel instead of using plywood. Pavers can help water drain through the floor so you can clean the inside of your shed with a hose when needed, and they reduce the likelihood the floor will rot or need to be replaced. 

2. Construct Strong Walls

Use strong posts such as pressure-treated lumber 4x4s or even 4x6s for the structural corners of your shed to increase durability and help prevent warping from harsh elements. Add studs every 16 inches in the walls to provide additional strength and allow for interior shelves or hooks. You can keep the interior walls unfinished and add plywood only to the exterior or finish both the interior and exterior walls. 

3. Use Pre-Built Roof Trusses

When it comes to the roof, it’s essential to add joists, beams and trusses to ensure your structure holds up to challenging weather such as heavy rain or snow. You can save time and headaches with pre-built roof trusses. Connect the trusses to the shed’s frame with plywood gussets glued and screwed to the joints. Be sure to add room for an overhang for water to drip off the edge without entering the shed.

4. Siding Options

Adding high-quality vinyl or composite cladding to the exterior of your shed will provide exceptional year-round protection for your backyard essentials. Vinyl and composite sidings are low-maintenance options with the look of real wood for a high-end aesthetic. Since sheds are typically small spaces, you can choose a cladding color that provides a contrasting look to your house, creating a conversation piece. Alternatively, you can use a complementary color and style for a more consistent look. 

5. Dress it Up With Trim

Take your shed to the next level with the look of handcrafted trim details around windows, doors and outside corners. You can also add decorative bands at the base and top of the walls to set your shed apart. Going back to siding, you can also mix and match siding styles to create a unique look. 

6. Add Details to Make Your Shed Shine

Adding a few decorative details such as a dormer, exposed rafter tails, window boxes, or a gable window will make a world of difference. You can also paint the door and window frames for contrast. These are all great ways to add charm and boost the appeal of your shed tenfold. 

We hope you found these tips for building a garden shed helpful for your upcoming project!