5 Ways to Maximize Your Home’s Real Estate Value

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, it’s smart to consider ways to maximize your home’s real estate value. From functional repairs to aesthetic upgrades, a lot of work goes into making a house resale ready. Your exterior is the first impression potential buyers will get of your home, and it can give them a sense of what they can expect inside. While interior renovations are important, exterior upgrades can make all the difference. Learn about five projects that can make a measurable impact.

1. Painting 

Painting is a simple and cost-effective way to add value to your home. Updating the color of your front door and garage can make a huge difference to your curb appeal, and a bigger job such as repainting your siding can be done by a professional to give your exterior a complete refresh. A neutral color may appeal to many, but you may also consider other color trends to help guide your color decision.

2. Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Surrounding your house with healthy turf and appealing landscaping is a great way to boost your curb appeal. Opt for plants that are native to your location as well as those that are drought-tolerant as they require less water and maintenance. This means less work for you as well as the future homeowners at your address.

3. Replace Your Front Door and Windows 

Upgrading your front door and windows is a worthwhile investment as both will boost your home’s value. Window and door replacement allows you to update the look of your home and improve your home’s energy efficiency, lowering energy bills. A newly replaced door and windows will ensure your house stands out in a crowded market, helping you get more for your home. 

4. Keep Up with Regular Maintenance 

A well maintained home will always be more valuable than a home not properly cared for. Take a walk around your exterior and look for anything in need of repair such as clogged gutters, cracked siding or a broken window. Even small issues can give the impression the home has been neglected, which is not a good look to a potential buyer. If there are bigger issues such as a deteriorating roof or termite infestation, address these right away to minimize costly damage. 

5. Clear the Clutter

The key to maximizing your home’s value is to make it look as spacious as possible, so clearing your clutter is essential. When it comes to your exterior, make sure your porch, patio and lawn are free of any unnecessary items such as garbage cans and old tools, and be sure to remove weeds and dead or dying plants. A few pieces of patio furniture and a clean-cut lawn will do wonders for your curb appeal. 

If you’re planning to sell your home, make sure to consider these updates to maximize your home’s real estate value to its fullest potential!