5 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Refresh Your Home this Fall

Get ready for the festive season with some inexpensive DIY home improvement projects that are sure to spice things up. Impress your guests and save money in the lead-up to the holidays with these budget-friendly ideas to refresh your home this fall:

1. Accentuate Your Front Door

Turn your front door into a statement piece and make a positive first impression. Take inspiration from the changing seasons and paint your front door a deep orange or blue for an inexpensive weekend project. Add the finishing touch with a DIY decorative wreath. Consider upgrading your entrance system with smart home technology and keyless entry.

2. Brighten Rooms with Paint

Refresh and brighten your home interior instantly with paint. Repaint entire rooms or add a feature wall. Paint kitchen cabinets and the bathroom vanity a fresh new color to add style and interest. Refurbish old wooden furniture with stain or a pop of fall color.

3. Upgrade Door Hardware 

Replace dated door hardware for a quick and easy home upgrade. Add new pulls or handles to kitchen cabinets, chest of drawers and bathroom vanities. To modernize your home, incorporate matte black or brushed gold accents. 

4. Replace the Faucets

Upgrade the kitchen, bathroom and laundry with new faucets and tapware. Treat yourself to a new showerhead for a touch of luxury. Add ambience with fall-inspired candles, a new bath mat and fresh linens.  

5. Add Warmth with Light 

Make your home feel warm and comfortable this fall with mood lighting. Replace harsh, bright overhead lighting with soft dimmable LED bulbs. Create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with lamps, fall decor, soft throw rugs and a mirror to reflect light. 

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