5 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors in Summer

Modern-day windows and doors should add beauty, security and natural light to your home while enhancing its energy efficiency. If you upgrade to energy-efficient windows and sliding patio doors this summer, you can enjoy these five seasonal benefits: 

1. Increased Home Comfort

Energy-efficient windows and doors make it easier to maintain a consistent, comfortable indoor temperature. Energy-efficient windows and doors are excellent insulators, acting as a barrier to help keep you cool at home during the hottest months. In summer, energy-efficient windows and doors retain cold air inside your home and keep warm air out. 

2. Lower Summer Energy Bills

The less you rely on your HVAC system, the more money you can save on summer cooling costs. Energy-efficient windows and doors help counteract the heat, helping to reduce summer energy consumption. For maximum energy savings, upgrade your windows to an insulated glass package that meets ENERGY STAR standards. For superior thermal protection, choose a product that combines dual low-emissivity (Low-E) glass panes and argon gas with double- or triple-glazing.

3. Reduced UV Rays

Help prevent sun damage to your home and its interior contents with energy-efficient windows and doors. The Low-E coating allows natural light to shine into your home without the intense heat, protecting your carpet, flooring and furniture from fading. Some window manufacturers offer an option to incorporate mini blinds in new patio doors to block the sun while adding privacy. 

4. Minimal Outside Noise

The special coating on energy-efficient windows and doors provides excellent soundproofing, reducing outdoor summer noise. Alside windows and patio doors are precision-engineered, fusion-welded and weather-stripped for a perfect fit. Windows are custom-made to help ensure greater energy savings and reduce neighborhood noise. 

5. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Energy-efficient windows and doors combine beauty with functionality to increase your curb appeal and the value of your home. Choose from multiple styles, colors and wood finishes to add a personal touch and enhance your facade. 

Improve your home’s energy efficiency today with Alside. Use the online Visualizer to view your home with energy-efficient windows, sliding patio doors and siding.