4 Ways to Insulate Your Windows for the Winter

If you cannot replace your drafty windows before winter, you can take temporary measures to help keep your home warm. Here are four ways to insulate your windows and minimize heat loss this winter: 

1. Replace the Weatherstripping 

Replace old weatherstripping to create a tighter seal and help reduce air leaks. Ensure your windows and sashes are clean before installation. Use a v-channel or tension seal on the sides of double-hung or sliding windows, and add foam tape to the top and bottom of window sashes. Casement windows will only require foam tape.  

2. Recaulk

Use a quality caulk around the perimeter of your window or where the trim meets the drywall to fill gaps and help eliminate drafts. Caulk visible interior and exterior gaps around the window to help prevent warm air from escaping. Caulk will also help inhibit moisture from entering your home. 

3. Add an Insulation Film 

Window insulation film is a quick-fix single-use product that is shrunk and sealed with a hairdryer. Insulation film can be used on any size window and easily removed once winter is over. You may want to consider reglazing the interior glass panes of old windows in spring. 

4. Use Your Curtains and Blinds

Everyday window coverings such as curtains and blinds can help keep your home warm in winter. Window coverings help limit the flow of cold air leaks into your home and improve energy efficiency. Thicker thermal and blackout curtains are ideal for drafty windows.

When the weather starts to warm up, consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows for increased year-round comfort and reduced heating and cooling costs.