4 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof, Gutters and Soffits

Your roof, gutters, and soffits require the right level of care and maintenance to perform effectively. Like your siding, routine cleaning and inspections can help prevent long-term issues and identify areas requiring repair or replacement. Here are four tips to help maintain the life of your roof, gutters, and soffits. 

1. Inspect Your Roof Seasonally 

Inspect your roof for seasonal weather damage. Hot, humid months followed by cold, snowy conditions can result in leaks from melting snow. Notably, attic insulation can help prevent ice dams from occurring. Look for signs of excessive wear and missing shingles on the surface of the roof. Check for signs your soffit needs replacing, including water damage, which could signify rot in your wooden soffit. 

2. Clean Your Roof Annually 

If you have shingles on the roof, hire a professional to clean your roof each year. Annual cleaning can help prevent moss, lichen, and algae, which can lead to extensive damage to your roof and your curb appeal. Don’t forget to clean the gutters and soffit in the process.

3. Regularly Remove Debris 

Gutters are designed to move rainwater away from your roof and foundation to protect your home. It’s good practice to clear your gutters of debris twice a year, in the fall and spring, to enable a steady flow of water. However, your gutters won’t be able to catch all of the leaves that fall from trees surrounding your property, so check your roof for fallen debris as well. 

4. Trim Branches Near Your Roofline 

Make your life easier and trim any trees that impede your roofline. Pruning large trees can help prevent storm damage from fallen branches. As an added benefit, trimmed trees may make it easier to remove debris from your roof and gutters.