3 Unique Ways to Use Sliding Patio Doors in Your Home

Sliding patio doors can help expand your living area, brighten homes with natural light and provide a view of the outdoors. With many styles and finishes available, sliding patio doors are a versatile option for any home, regardless of size. Here are three unique ways to use sliding patio doors in your home: 

1. Combine with Windows

Surround patio doors with large casement windows for an unobstructed view that embodies indoor-outdoor living. The additional glass creates a broader view that can be enjoyed from inside and outside your home. For privacy, add integrated mini blinds between the glass panes of the sliding patio door. 

2. Create a Seamless Transition 

If opening onto a patio, consider using the same flooring tiles on either side of the sliding patio door to create a seamless transition between living areas. This design can also create the illusion of space in smaller homes. For added effect, match the color of the patio door frame to the interior room. Use a shade of white to enhance the natural light that fills the room.

3. Use Glass Sliding Doors Internally

Traditionally, sliding patio doors are external features. However, some circumstances enable you to incorporate an interior sliding door, such as a walk-in wardrobe, pantry or linen closet. Internal glass sliding doors allow natural light to flow through your home while adding warmth and beauty to your dining room or home office. Alternatively, mix it up with a trendy farmhouse-style sliding barn door.

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