3 Steps For Lighting Up Your Home These Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to make your home look the part as you prepare the exterior of your home for winter. There’s no better way to get in the festive spirit than by installing exterior Christmas lights. Before you get your ladder out, make sure you follow our tips to ensure you end up with the best-looking house on the block. 

1. Careful Planning

Before installing exterior Christmas lights, take a step back and make a game plan. Identify your focal points, and measure straight lines that require lighting so you can calculate the number of strands needed. Don’t forget to include extra length necessary to reach the power source, and make sure your ladder isn’t placed against the house in a way that may harm your siding or gutters when working on higher levels of your home. Finally, before you begin installation, check your lights to make sure all are functioning and replace any blown bulbs. 

2. Maximum Brightness 

To help your house stand out from the crowd, combine two strands of lights or pair one string light with hanging icicle lights. LED lights are brighter than incandescent bulbs and use less energy. Alternatively, incandescent bulbs are slightly orange, which adds a warm glow, ideal around windows and doors. For a clean look, use white strand lights on trim and green strands in trees and bushes. To make life easier, purchase net lights and simply lay them on the bushes. 

3. Proper Mounting 

Step away from the staples and duct tape. It’s best practice to use light clips, which attach easily to most surfaces. While still on the ground, add the appropriate clips to the light strands one foot apart, making sure the lights all face in the same direction. Then start from the bottom up with windows, doors and railings. 

As it may be snowy, icy or wet, it’s best to hang lights along the roof when conditions are safe. Climb up a sturdy ladder and slide the rooftop lights in place along the gutter. To help prevent damage, avoid light clips that slide under shingles. Instead, use roof peak clips. 

Once you have installed the string lights, add any additional lighting and decorations to your front yard. Then, plug the lights into an outdoor energy-efficient timer and start spreading festive cheer.