2021 Exterior Home Trends

A new year means new exterior home trends to update your house with. If you’re investing in an exterior redesign, you want your home to look good not only now, but for years to come. Some trends are more timeless than others, ensuring the longstanding charm of your curb appeal. Combining trends with classic beauty is the key to ensuring your home looks amazing now and in the future. Here are 6 exterior home trends everyone needs to know. 

1. Extra Windows

There’s no downfall to having as much natural light in your home as possible. Adding extra windows can modernize your home exterior, while making your interior lighter and brighter. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in, at the same time improving your curb appeal. Make sure your new windows match your home’s architectural style- you want to make it look like it was originally built that way. This will ensure your home looks both trendy and timeless. 

2. Dark Exteriors

Darker colors have been making a comeback for home exteriors. They’re bold and dramatic and are sure to make your home a complete standout in your neighborhood. Dark exteriors are extremely versatile. They bring classic beauty to modern homes, and offer a historical element for traditional homes. If you have a green landscape, the contrast is unparalleled and will make your house pop in the most gorgeous way.

3. Architectural Doors

Your front door should make a statement, creating a focal point for your home and showcasing your style and personality. Iron or wood doors with large windows and architectural design will grace the entryways of many 2021 homes. They’re the perfect way to welcome guests to your home and are a great way to complement the rest of your exterior. 

4. Front Porches

Homeowners are looking to spend as much time outside as possible, so extra space is key. While balconies at the back of the house are quite common, in 2021, you’ll see people embracing bigger front porches. They’ll be filled with comfortable seating and lots of lighting, allowing homeowners to enjoy their front porch and chat with their neighbors. 

5. White Exteriors

Creamy white exteriors are also big for 2021. Classic and timeless, they’re also crisp, fresh and completely modern. A white exterior with black windows and wood accents is one of the most beautiful combinations out there. Although whites can be tricky with their undertones, once you find the right color, it’s one of the best updates you can do for your home. 

6. Painted Brick

While painted brick used to be a faux paus, it’s gaining popularity as it offers a timeless, sophisticated look. Opt for a dark grey color for a sleek and modern exterior, or a soft, warm white for a more traditional home. If you’re ready to give your old brick an update, painting it is the way to go. 

The new year is almost here. Consider these 2021 exterior home trends to ensure your home looks updated for years to come!